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Monday, 11 August 2014

Told you I'd be back

I'm back.

We had a most fantastic two weeks, and our accommodation was as near to heaven as I want to get for a while.

I will blog in much more detail once I am fully back in the saddle, but the above picture gives is the view from our garden.  In the foreground is our host's plot with all the expected crops - olive, tomato, egg plant etc - plus an unusual one in sunflowers, with the oil being something they use a lot in cooking, the proper pure stuff being well regarded in these parts.  Beyond we look across the valley to other similar small-holdings and small villages (all with some kind of tower).  Delightful.

There is so much to tell, of scorpions, places, experiences and the delightful generosity of our hosts, as well as the really narrow approach roads, the windy hill-climbing larger roads, and the E.Leclerc, our second home.

More to come when I have a moment.

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