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Friday, 24 October 2014

And . . . relax

Busy week for all the clan.  Another career chat today.  Things are coming in to focus.

Home-wise, had a great birthday week last week.  One present, a combined present from A&E, R&R and J&M was for me to select a racket from our coach, Roger, who supplies said items.  The remit was, pick what you like, don't ask the price, and being a reliable chap, I did just that.  He brought a bunch for me to try on Wednesday, and the first one I used felt just right.  I tried a couple of others, on advice from R&R, but the one I tried first was definitely the favourite, and is indeed now on order, hopefully to arrive next Wednesday.  R is also looking for a new racket, so we swapped about, and at one stage when she was trying my precious, and I was trying one of the other loser models, I did have a small Gollum moment when I was jealous of anyone touching my racket.

In terms of how it played, what I did not appreciate is what new strings do for your game.  My old racket was new in 1998 and the strings have not been changed since, and what that means is that they ain't so grippy*, and what THAT means is that my game, which was always pretty good on the topspin ground strokes and a fairly wicked spin serve**, has been turned up to eleven.  The spin I can now get on the ball is quite something to behold, and to be honest I am like a puppy with a bone, a kid in a sweetshop and a dog with two wotsits all at the same time.  And that is a sight for sore eyes.

I have Tuesday to Friday off next week, and we are off to Oxford for a city break type thang, staying in a static van complete with hot tub and other fancy-pants features, so should be fun, relaxing and informative in equal measure.

I wish you a great weekend, and speak next week.

P.S. Message for Brad.  I have used my Aero Press for the first time today, with the old coffee.  It worked well, and tasted good, though not as strong as when I do my Scobi-latte trick in the cafetiere, so need to experiment with stirring and timings, and maybe even quantities.  However, it was quick and easy to use and the taste was smooth, so I think I am gonna like it.

* highly technical tennis term
** not boasting, rather repeating what others have commented

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