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Monday, 6 October 2014

Wet and dry

Not a DIY reference, but a weather one.

The weekend was mighty fine.  Rather wet until 1pm Saturday, but after that, glorious sunshine rest of Saturday and all Sunday.  Lovely.  Really felt like the last dregs of Summer, which means all we have to look forward to is colder and wetter.

One final paint coat on Maggot 2's wall, and then that is done.  Rather worryingly still a bit of damp showing through the painting, so got the dehumidifier on in there, which will probably be better than nothing, but only just.  This means that either the wall still has not dried out, or there is some ongoing ingress problem.  Oh well, let's see how the Winter shapes up.

I have also filled much of the hall, stairs and landing walls, hopefully a bit of rubbing down tonight, a rub over with the tack cloth, and then ready for the first scratch coat of paint, which will show up where there are still bits to fill.

That's all for now folks, speak later.

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