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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Happy Birthday me!

Right at the start of my blogging, when I was going for the 700 words a day challenge, I decided on an editorial style that included never using exclamation marks.

It is therefore a momentous occasion for all the many many person who reads this blog for me to be using said exclamation mark in the title.

Today, fifty years ago, I appeared on this earth, plucked from the belly of my mother via a C-Section, and, so the story goes, on hearing that I was to be called Mark Antony, the doctor exclaimed "Bleedin' heck, who's next, Cleopatra".  Now, that story may be neither true nor funny, but it is one told often in these parts.

We have a small party tonight, a mid-week special with bangers and mash, one of my personal favourites, for those near enough to make it, and then a large party on Saturday when I would expect every bu$$er to be able to make it!*

We have red and white wine selected for both evenings, tonight a robust red/white combi, and on Saturday a pair of Italian beauties, personally tested by yours truly, to keep things lubricated, as part of our "Italian Evening". 

Brad and Angelina are coming down for Saturday, which will be lovely, since we have not seen them since Riverside Lakes.  We can catch up on news, including Brad's gall stone problem. 

Anyway, I am off to put on my party frock, so TTFN and speak again later in the week.

Two "!" in one blog, unheard of

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