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Monday, 8 December 2014

And . . . relaxed

Bit busy on Friday.  Proposal that we have nearly completed, super urgent coz we want it signed this year, was partly derailed Friday as we learnt that, since it had Cloud content, it needed to be reviewed and approved for released by the Cloud Know-all and Do-gooder camp.

This was unexpected, and as welcome as a . . . *

We have a review at 12pm today.  This may be a box ticked, or it may be a major curved ball.  Time will tell.  Then we have a local review at 2pm.  Again, this may be either a curved ball or a boxed ticked.

What I am doing between now and Wednesday lunchtime, when we have a date booked to take our client through the approved proposal, is wholly dependent on how these two reviews go. 

We had a great weekend.  Saturday was fairly routine.  I did manage to fix both the bikes, primarily Maggot 2's bike which has brake problems, and also managed to fixed the DVD player, with a fix found online, to basically remove the touch screen connection.  Seems to be holding up so far.  This meant we were full cinema experience for Strictly Saturday night, where we were joined by LO's parents and grand-mother, for what was a very noisy evening.

On Sunday, we went to London for a day's shopping, with our focal point being Liberty of London, subject of a documentary on TV.  We even managed to get our photo taken with one of the stars of the show - Omar, the assistant in the women's section who has just been offered a chance to design clothes for the store.  He was lovely, and Maggot 2, after initially running away from the embarrassment of it all, did finally join the photo.  Made his day, and he is taking in to school the photo for his show and tell session today.

This week, I may be clearing my desks for a move to another section of the team, or I may not, depending on priority calls and escalations and decisions made up in the ether.

Time will tell.

* insert favourite "fart in a space suit**" type saying here
** Thanks to Billy Connolly for that one

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