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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

In between days

I hope you had a great Christmas.

I have had a really good break.  Today, I am technically working, though with my client being on holiday and with only a skeleton staff, and my account team ditto, it has been really slow.  I have managed to complete all that I can, and even spent some time on a case I am developing to gain a Consultancy stripe.  It is tedious stuff, but by slowing working through each section, I am nearly there (the tool tells me I am 93% completed), though the final section I have to complete are two examples of how I have used the Method, and that is with a capital M, and that is something that right now I am struggling to reach, even with a vivid imagination.  Hence why I am writing this - a bit of light relief.

So, Christmas went well, although my mum was pretty ill and did not attend the day.  She became ill the day after she came back from Spain, and yet again we have discussed, not in her company obviously, but behind her back, why they bother coming back.  They nearly always get ill, on three of the last five years their journey home has been troubled by bad weather, one year requiring them to fly to Birmingham and get the train down south from there.  Anyhow, we took her round a plate of her favourite bits, and she has survived sufficiently to get back to Spain, to spend new year in Benidorm.  I know, it paints a picture, but they tell me it is lovely out of season.  They have definitely not seen the TV show.

We are not sure what we are doing for New Year, there being too much illness around, but to be honest I set my sights ridiculously low, so that it is not hard to at least meet, if not exceed them.

Brad and Angelina and their associated Maggots came down for the A&E yearly "between Christmas and New Year family drinks day", as it is catchingly called.  During their visit, Brad and LO gave me some good life advice.

Having spent the last two years as the "Year of the Career", and failing in any noticeable way to move my career on, when I discussed the need for this to really really be my Year of the Career, both Brad and LO gently and kindly suggested that if I keep on doing what I am doing, then I will keep on getting what I had gotten, so maybe I should pick something else. 

So, without wanting to declare, of have, any daft and unattainable New Year Resolutions, something of which I am with Bad Man that they are mostly pointless, I do want to do something about my health, both eating well, drinking less and doing more exercise.  Standard stuff I know.

Anyway, what I am planning to do is have 2015 as the Year of Me.  The theory, or plan, will be to concentrate on me, and letting things around me career-wise just happen.  That is not to say that I will be doing nothing, but rather that I will focus and concentrate on getting me good, and doing the needful on any career aspects. i.e. if I do something different, then I may achieve something different.

As with every experiment I have declared on this blog, I will of course keep you updated with any meaningful progress, whether good or bad.

I hope you have had a good break, and enjoy your New Year. 

Speak again next year.

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The Gorse Fox said...

Happy New Year...and remember that a lot of the "case" for certification is about spinning your experience to fit the requirement... Or as a famous comedian said, "it's the way you tell them" also remember the first action in the Method is the Method Adoption Workshop which may well adapt the method to the work on which you are embarking