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Monday, 22 December 2014

Not so well

I was off work sick on Friday, having succumbed heavily to another cold or virus or whatever the hell it was, this one with a very heavy cough and tight chest, as I think it is described.  Quick trip to the quacks and I am now on a course of antibiotics, which should hopefully clear everything up.

Not to sound too much of a wuss, but I am just really run down at the moment.  Sleeping badly and previously having taken around four weeks to shake off the previous illness, only to get something else straight afterwards.

The cure is, or course, rest, and Friday's sick day definitely helped on that front.  Just need to finish the course of antibiotics, and keep well fed and watered, and sleep as much as possible, and I will be back to normal in no time, at least in time for Christmas.

Today I am back in the work saddle trying to close down all those threads that need closing down.  Our big proposal is one of those, although both me and my colleague are fed up with the changes, and are struggling to nail the latest scope change.  We were give the revised baselines on Thursday, or so we thought, and so were madly re-working the considerable number of elements that hang off the baseline decision, only to find the client had been a bit slapdash with his emails (I am beginning to sense he is not a man for detail, and while that means we need to get him to write everything down, even that strategy is not succeeding just at the moment), having sent us a note saying it was 500 plus a further 100, only to correct that when I wrote back just to confirm this new baseline, that he meant 350 plus a further 100.  Now, dear reader, some of you may be IT literate, and some less so, but I do strongly believe that anyone can see the difference between 600 and 450.  Indeed, even my nine year old son, aka Maggot 2, would be able to identify the differences in those two pictures.

So, Monday morning, we are now re-working again, or re-re-working, the various documents that hang off the baseline decision.

I think maybe you can see why we are losing interest in the whole thing.

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The Gorse Fox said...

Take heart - it's nearly Christmas