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Monday, 13 July 2015

Great weekend

We had a fantastic long-weekend away at Golden Cap, just down the road from Lyme Regis.  We went with a big group of people, including Brad and Angelina, A&E, David and Samantha, and R&R, for whom this is a first mention on the blog.

We sat on the beach, we swam in the sea (sensibly bedecked in wetsuits), we drank beer, we ate food, some of it cooked on a BBQ (on the beach - fun, but a lot of hassle) and we also walked over the hills to West Bay, home of Broadchurch, spotting a number of locations, including Charlotte Rampling's house, the crime-scene house, the crime scene beach, David Tennant's waterside lodgings and the police station, as well as the harbour and other general fields (where the tractor fuel was stolen). 

In West Bay, we took a ride on a rib (a rigid inflatable boat, or a bleedin' fast motorboat, depending on your viewpoint) for a thrilling, bum-shuddering and salt-water dousing speed around the waters up and down the coast.  It was rather splendid.  We all arrived dressed for summer, to be told that it was really rather windy, rough and wet out there, so the Scobi clan went to a small harbour-side shop to buy "three for a tenner" tops, for added warmth.  After much ribbing (no pun intended, more's the pity) from the group, soon after two other families went over to avail themselves of the bargain rail.  Suffice it to say that we probably doubled the ladies takings, clearing her of stock that, frankly, she probably never expected to shift.

There were only two problems, the first that it was just not long enough, and the second that it was a bit wet Sunday morning.  This did not stop some of the group doing the morning hill climb, nor the whole group congregating round the 'vans for egg baps, tea, coffee and cake, or breakfast as we like to call it.

We are considering another trip back in mid September, diaries permitting.

The only other negative is that coming back to work after such a short but intense weekend, it really is rather hard to get back in to the swing of things.  Luckily, I have so much to do that it just kind of took me over.

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