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Friday, 17 July 2015


Work is never-changing at the moment, with a fairly steady, perhaps even relentless, set of tasks to be done.

Home is good.  Have a great weekend lined up.  Brad and Angelina will stay with us Saturday night for a Sunday event at David and Samantha's.  We are off to a 25th wedding anniversary do, had hoped to get an invite for Brad and Angelina but the hall is at capacity, so with sadness the hostess had to decline our request.  Not quite sure what that means, except maybe some free baby-sitting.  Only joking Brad, I know you are never free.

We are planning a re-decoration of our kitchen extension room.  Now that the crack in the wall has stopped getting any bigger we plan to freshen up everything, put wallpaper on the crack-wall (not to be confused with a crack whore apparently) and changing the woodwork to gloss, our experiment and dabbling with "satin" being well and truly over.  It may be much easier to apply, but does it really does not wear well.

Other than football and tennis, that is about it this weekend.

Oh, LO is working late tonight, year 6 Leavers' Ball, so I am contemplating taking the Maggots down to Bognor to see a Pompey warm-up.  Not tested the plan on anyone in the real world yet, so will let you know how it goes.

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