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Friday, 24 July 2015

Nearly there

Another week over, and after today, just four more working days before we are departing for our Summer Holidays darn sarf.

In between we have a weekend, when we will be preparing for our trip, and on Sunday, weather permitting, we will have a football tournament.

I really need a break.  Had my mid year review and the main feedback was "it seemed like you were not coping very well when under pressure, so we have marked you down", which seemed to me to be a "you were not smiling enough".  I challenged what stuff I did not deliver during that period, and my manager did not really have an answer to that.  The truth is, I did deliver, and during a month period when I had some kind of mild illness, I still delivered, but obviously I was not cheery enough about it at the time.

To be honest, I have so far been fairly lucky with this process, however this is the kind of nonsense that it can throw up, strange "parallel universe" type scenrios where you look back on the conversation and wonder if you had been dreaming it.

Oh well, holiday in a week, and I will then have the chance to step back from the front line, ponder life and my options, and return with renewed vigour and determination to change jobs.

I hope you have a great, if wet, weekend.

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The Gorse Fox said...

Well, firstly I hope you have a brilliant holiday.

Secondly, the "process" is skewed by the fact that the ranking distribution is defined by accountants. These faceless t***ers sit in the ivory towers and arbitrarily dictate how many many people will fit into each category. Having run the process myself for several years it was the most toxic and unpleasant part of being a manager in Starfleet. I was given a team of 1-performers... and was told as much. I then had to try and bend them to the distribution... I was lucky that I fought back and in the end managed to get a pretty fair grading for them all. I see that Accenture have ditched the whole annual appraisal process, relying on project feedback.

Anyway, forget about it for now and make the most of your holiday.