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Friday, 19 February 2016

Another week under the belt

I am now a Spartan White Belt, and it happened by accident.

The online training I have been doing for just over a week was all leading up to me taking the core exam.  This was as perplexing as the same questions at the end of each module, and I score 67% first time round, on a test where pass was 80%.  With a bit more research and probably a little bit of luck, I then scored 87% second time round, and so had passed my core exam.

Next step was the to select a major - mine would be cloud of course - and with a couple of inquisitive mouse clicks, I found myself accidentally starting the exam.  To be frank, I have clicked around so many sites and buttons and "go here for further information" links that I a bit punch drunk, so it was less surprising that you may first suspect that I was in the exam.

"Oh well," I thought, might as well at least have a go, to see what it is like, and where I would need to read up.  Thirty minutes later and I had finished it, and with a score of eighty-something, which was a pass.  So, as I said at the start, I am now accidentally a White Belt.

By way of penance, I am now wading through all the training that I only found after I had finished, which is training to prepare for this exam.  It is long, but it is also useful, so I am not complaining.

On the home front, it is half-term this week, so picture caged tigers with too little to do, and you are close to the mark.  We did take the Maggots to a Clip 'n' Climb" last night, and as they were the only two in their session, I decided to pay and join them.  If you are not familiar, the picture below gives a sense (taken from the internet, not our actual one).

This included the "leap of faith", which on paper looked like a fairly innocuous jump from a platform a couple feet up on to a handle about a hands-breadth away.but in person it was, I don't know, two hundred feet up and requiring a fifty foot leap.  Okay, so I am exaggerating, but it was one of those things that looked doable on the ground, but when I got up there, I just could not do it, and had to take the walk of shame back down again.  Maggot 1 did the same, only to then do it when Maggot 2 had a successful go.  I say "successful", when in fact they did not jump for the handle, just jumped off, but from my perspective, that is as near as damnit, and I take my mountaineering hard-hat off to them.

We have an Indian extravaganza on Saturday night.  LO has been cooking for most of the day, and has, on casual observation, used every spice and ingredient that has ever been used to make such food.

On that note, I shall bid you farewell, and wish you a great weekend.

P.S.  Had a chat with BM earlier.  Great to hear from him, and to hear his news.

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