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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Day Two

I had my first day yesterday at NN Head Office.  I was met by my new boss, who seems like a good egg - Welsh, ex-rugby player who now plays badminton because of his knees, so an almost doppelganger to me, an English ex-football player who now plays tennis because of his knees.

This re-birthing thing is pretty frustrating.  I needed to get my photo done for a badge, and to register at the IT place for my laptop and headset.  My boss was on calls, so showed me where to go and sent me on my way.  Unknown to us both was that my visitor badge did not let me through any of the doors.  Assuming it was a fault, he let me out of the one door needed to go down the stairs to get to reception, to get a card that worked.  Of course, visitor cards are not meant to work, since we are meant to be accompanied at all times.  In the end the reception woman let me through one door for my boss to meet me from the other way, except the place to meet was not fully or clearly communicated, and I was in one place while he was in another.  Anyway, he did eventually find me and then he gave me his badge to get to all the places I needed to visit.

My laptop was pulled out of its box, and then needed a couple of hours to build, so I went off for some lunch, had a wander round the building to get a sense of the place, with my newly issued badge, and whilst doing this I innocently followed a person in to an area that I was not entitled to enter, and subsequently could not get out again until a nice lady let me follow her out.  And she hardly knew me.

As those in my situation always chant, I cannot learn less.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  I got all my logins sorted so that I could dial in from home, and I was handed the onboarding presentation with my two week schedule of stuff to read, complete, setup or otherwise interact with so that I get to know the place.

My learning curve just now is so vertical it may even be leaning back a bit.  But I am loving it so far.

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The Gorse Fox said...

DO you have far to commute? or can you work from home much of the time?