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Thursday, 26 May 2016


Anyone who knows me at all, know that I like a website called  It has lots of tech and life advice, and today it had this:

One of the more balanced (high-level) discussions on the pros and cons of the upcoming EU "leave or remain" referendum.

I wonder how you guys are doing with your thinking on this vote?  I read GF, who said that every time he hears an argument for "remain", he leans towards "leave" and vice versa.  I can relate to that.

My overall observations are:

  • the remain camp have a bigger budget, and more "specialists" at their disposal than the leave camp, so are coming up with some high-powered and seemingly "respectable" sources for their remain arguments
  • It is a lot easier to argue the remain argument of "things ain't so bad, and they could be a lot worse" than the leave arguments, which seem to revolve around "we think if we make this big change, stuff will be better" and also "that last thing the remain camp said was bunkum"
  • I guess in essence it is hard to argue a negative
  • I am not overly convinced by anything that I have heard to date.

There was an interesting item on the radio this morning which gave an unusual angle on rights to work.  An Indian restaurant owner was talking about the fact that his chefs were Romanian, because they can move freely through the EU, whereas their preferred Bangladeshi or Indian chefs cannot get a visa to work here.

Another interesting thing that came across my desk recently was an email from my employer's senior management in the UK.  The tone of it, paraphrased, was "it is your decision, and whatever your personal decision, we do urge you to vote.  Some have asked what our advice would be, and it would be to remain".

I also saw a video of our US-based CEO who was being interviewed on a morning finance show about our Q2 results, and she was asked about the EU vote, and her view was that the UK is better in Europe.  So there you go.

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