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Friday, 6 May 2016

That was quick

I love Bank Holiday Mondays (I know GF, every day is a BH for you), because what follows is a four-day week.  And so I get to Friday much quicker than usual.

This week has been fairly steady at work.  Down to one deal for now, and some system testing for a major new system being implemented for my clan.  For some this may be seen as another change to something that works okay, but as a newbie, it is all very exciting.  I actually think there are some profound and well-crafted changes afoot that will make the role more fun, and less drudge, and I say hooray to that.

At home, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.  Maggot 1 has his first cricket match (and only after his second cricket practice tonight) on Sunday at West Chiltington, and I am taking him to that.  Maggot 2 has a football tournament over in Shoreham, and LO is taking him to that.  Once the cricket is over, I plan to head over to the football to see the second half of their games.  Depending on how well they do, it may be even more than that.  It is a five-a-side tournament and we have only five players, one having dropped out because "we don't have a proper keeper".  It is true that we are looking for a new keeping, the old one, who was the best in the league, deciding that he (or is it his parents doing the deciding) does not want to play in goal any more, but on pitch, ideally as a striker.  Unfortunately he is not currently up with the pace; he is petulant, he does not track back and he is prone to histrionics if he feels he has been impeded unfairly.  None of this sits well with the rest of us, and he may find he is the main sub going forward, since at the moment his standard is not high enough.

Anyway, enough of our goalie problem, we also have a player problem, as already mentioned, in that they are refusing to play because of our lack of goalie (Maggot 1's friend, let's call him Limpy, has a bad foot so is going to play in goal, and he is OK), which is not endearing him to the other parents.

To be honest, the dad has a bit of history of this, having previously tried to start a new team around his son, with the hope of attracting away the best players from our team.  Luckily, the other players were not that keen, and the FA closed him down too, so that went nowhere.

What I am learning from all this is that there is a lot of politics in children's football, and memories tend to be long.  Luckily, I am slow and too dumb to notice, so can enjoy my football watching without any interference.

Have a great weekend, and speak next week.


The Gorse Fox said...


We have the grand opening of the Arun Sports Arena this Sunday (near Yapton/Ford). Not only do they have a number of external football pitches, they also have 4 indoor 3G-pitches.

a bad man said...

Hi Scobi,
Just a quick note to let you know that is back up and running ...

... just in case you were interested in reciprocal stalking.