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Friday, 13 May 2016


There is a lot of football in my life at the moment.  As it is the closed season for Maggot 2, we have, instead of weekly league games, weekly tournaments.  In terms of time, a league game runs four around an hour, whereas a tournament can be all day.  So it is that this weekend we will be at two, yes, count them, two tournaments.  Saturday is in Worthing, 2pm to 6pm, and on Sunday it is at our own ground, registration at 8.30am, and likely to last all day, because it is combing a tournament and prize giving.

As if that is not enough, my chosen football team, once the biggest South Coast team, these days not so much, had its first play off match last night.  Two legs of football, the winner overall going to Wembley for the final.  Last night we drew 2-2 at home, which is not the best result, but is an improvement on our previous game at home to our opponents.  As it happens, both us and them have a better away record, in general, and specifically against each other, so the second leg on Sunday should be a humdinger of a game.

If we were to win, or rather when we win, and we are therefore in the final, I plan to try and get tickets.  It is not every day, nor even every year, that you have the chance to see your local team playing at Wembley, so I hope to go, just so I can tell my grandchildren about it (in nauseating detail if my memory will allow).

On other news, I am not sure I have mentioned yet that Brad and Angelina have joined the hallowed ranks of mobile home owners.  They have just bought a campervan, in time for our yearly trip to Riverside Lakes, a most magnificent natural site which allows open fires, and has three lakes, all fishable, and a multitude of wooded and long-grass areas.  They have been threatening to buy one for a wee while, and have now been and gone and done it.  I cannot wait to see it.

Finally, it is with great happiness that I can announce that Bad Man is back in the blogging business.  He has presumably overcome his challenges, and is back behind the keyboard.  It has made me realise quite how I have missed knowing the intimate details of his lawnmower regimen.  And before you write in to complain about my sarcasm, please be aware that BM himself was the first to poke fun at himself.  It is great to have him back, and I see he has added bees to his small-holding.

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