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Friday, 3 February 2017

An interesting couple of weeks

I missed last week's blogging due to being out of the country.  I had a call from Spain from my dad to say my mum was very unwell, so I flew out Tuesday morning, not sure whether it was going to give my last respects or to say hi to my mum.  As it has turned out, she is about to be discharged, which is great news.  There are still challenges with her not likely to be able to walk, having been weak before she went in, and now after 2 weeks in a bed, likely worse.  But as my dad said, he would rather have that challenge than the one he has so far endured.  I think being in the hospital 24/7 is bored him rigid.

On other news, since returning from Spain I have a horrid cold, and have had a tough week keeping going to catch up on a lost week.  The rest of the family also have sniffles.  Welcome to the UK in Winter.

We had planned to go to David and Samantha's tonight, but with us all under the weather, we have cancelled arrangements, to avoid sharing the love with our germs.

The weekend includes the usual mix of sport, as usual, and actually nothing much else.  Hopefully I can get some TLC and R&R and get back to my version of normal.

Hope you have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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