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Friday, 10 February 2017

Busy busy busy

I have had a very busy week working, lots of driving and lots of brain-hurting work.  This is good, but it does leave me pretty tired, and ready for the weekend.

That is all I really want to say about work, mostly because it is all pretty classified*.

On the home front, the rest of the family have also been pretty busy.  Maggot 1 has his work experience this week, working with one of LO's governors, which has turned out to be a really good placement, working for a local logistics company.  He has been in meetings with large suppliers, dealt with pest control, reworked a spreadsheet and generally got involved in some pretty interesting things.  Not surprisingly, he is also pretty tired.

Maggot 2 is on a sleepover tonight and going to Flipout tomorrow.  We are going to see David and Samantha, minus Maggot 2, for an evening of intellectual chat, and a fair dash of gin and tonic.

Tomorrow Maggot 1 and I have going to watch the mighty Pompey further their promotion ambitions by beating Acrington Stanley.  Let's hope our lads have had their milk.

Otherwise, I hope to do a whole heap of nothing for the rest of the weekend.

I hope your weekend is as exciting and restful.  Speak next week.

* That sounds rather grander than that it feels

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