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Friday, 24 February 2017


We had fun at Center Parcs last weekend.  My body is testament to that, with aches, pains and bruises in places that a) I did not know I had and b) where the sun definitely does not shine.  We lived in a little bubble for three days and it was absolutely wonderful.

On the work front, I am still very busy, in fact in truth I am as busy as someone like me should be, and my expectation is that I will be like that for the rest of this year at least, based only on the deals in which I know I we be involved.  That is quite a nice feeling, to be busy, though with it does come the commensurate amount of stress.  Nevertheless, I have heard that gin is a pretty good antidote for that.

It has been half term for the Maggots and LO, though LO has been in to the office a couple of days, which is part of her contract, but much more that she needs that extra "quiet" time to clear some of her task list.

This weekend is a normal one, with Maggot sport and not much else.  We will probably do a family thing on one of the days.  Otherwise, I am really hoping to not do that much, except watch some rugby and possibly drink the odd G&T.  Sounds good to me.

Nothing else to report, so I will wish you a great weekend and speak next week.

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