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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Golfy Rides Again (or how a fool and his money are parted)

I am absolutely horrified.  Golfy is banging on, again, about the new iPhone 4.  Anyone would think he has nothing better to do with his time, or his money.

However, all that is forgiven since he has found me two different ties that I will seriously ignore.  
The first is a tie pillow.  Now, those that know me know that I do tend to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, or just after the third pint, whichever comes first.  Sometimes they both come at one and I simply cease to exist in the space time continuum that I had previously occupied.  I remember in the good old days when I spent my days in Worcester, and in particular in the Cardinal's Hat in Worcester, I did actually fall asleep through the whole second half of a seminal Cardinal Sin and the Bum Notes gig.  And I was the lead guitarist.  

Sorry for the delay.  Room service just arrived (veggie burger with a side of rocket and Parmesan salad plus a pint of diet coke) and I needed to tuck in, since my stomach was beginning to think my throat had been cut.

The second is an 8-bit tie.  Having started my computing career at a time when 8 bits was more than enough for any man, and colour VGA was just showing off, this does seem apt.  Go checkout Golfy's fine blog for links to these ties, but hurry back or you might miss something.

I am just watching the South Africa vs Uruguay.  The SA goalie has just been sent off.  He looks like quite an honest chap, so I am minded to believe his pleas of innocence, however the ref was not so charitable and has shown him a red'un.  I fear that the hosts may not make it in to the knockout round, and that may well change how the overall contest is received in South Africa.  Even the army may get bored and then who will steward the games.

Have a good evening and speak again tomorrow.

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Golfy said...

I fell asleep at the same gig - that's how enthralling your guitar solo's are.... just so you know ;-)