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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I can't get no sleep

Deep in the bosom of the gentle night
Is when I search for the light
Pick up my pen and start to write

 So say Faithless, and so say Scobi Wan Kenobi.

I am off to London this morning, and as is often the case, when the alarm is set for 05:30 I wake up at 04:11, lie in bed for a while trying to stop thinking about stuff, then give up and 04:45 and come downstairs for a cuppa.  

Having updated my podcasts for the train journey ahead, checked the weather over the next three days - warmish but raining every day, dilemma* for dress code coz I am always too hot in London - and even had a quick peek at Facebook.  I did listen the new Faithless single as a result, one friend being a fan, and was thus inspired to start this blog with a Faithless reference.
It is now the time I would normally be getting up so I must go get myself clean and dressed.  

And on the subject of dressing, I do find myself once again with a dilemma on what to wear.  I have been dressing in "business casual" clothes all this century and so only have one suit to my name, and that is the one I was wearing when I was married in 2000.  Where I work is in the City, and the general dress code is blue shirt and dark suit, most with a tie but some without.  I therefore started with a tie, dropped it as soon as I could coz I am not a fan, but kept the suit.  The problem with a suit is the heat.  Walking everywhere, riding the tube, being in an office with poor air-conditioning and having a body that is a human radiator means that I am always too hot, so end up carrying the jacket, which is the last thing I need with a rucksack for my laptop and a wheelie "trolley dolly" suitcase for my stuff.  It then sits on the back of my office chair all day, only to be carried over my arm to the hotel at the end of the day.  Today therefore I am experimenting with a smartish business casual look and see how uncomfortable, or not, I feel dressing thus.  Let's call it a social experiment, albeit one that is unlikely to be causing any kind of ripple on the pond of human knowledge.  If I was going for my Cub "Rebel" badge, I am not sure I would get it, however the thing about clothing is that it shouldn't matter, but of course it does, and there is no doubt that I make all sorts of assumptions about a person by how they are dressed, so everyone else does too.  

Whatever they think I am, that is what I am not**.

* I had to Google the spelling of this word, and find that "dilemna", which is how I would have been tempted to spell it, is wrong.  There are 16,700 pages discussing the correct spelling of it, thus making the choice of spelling one of two options, which is one of those thingies where the word is itself.  Hmmmm.

** Another film and music reference.  Traffic light lolly for anyone who can name both.


a bad man said...

Potato & Eddy say "go with a furry cat suit and just strip down to your pants if you get too warm :-)

Golfy said...

Artic Monkeys... Where's my lolly?