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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Where did the weekend go?

We had a lovely weekend 'vannin' in the New Forest with Brad and Angelina.  The weather was broadly sunny, the site very natural, and the company just what the doctor ordered.  The site is one where you just pick your place amongst the trees, and our place we picked amongst the trees was perfect.  A bit far from the toilet block, but then we only use that for solids (over-sharing, Ed.).  The maggots made a camp on the first day, and asked for my help on the second.  As I walked away from the said camp that I have to say was one of my better ones, I had one of those moments that offset the agony (and cost) of having children.  Maggot 2 said, as I strode back to the main camp for another cuppa and a slice of chocolate chip Madeira cake, "See, I told you my dad's camps are the best!"

Ah, bless.

We also went down to the river, that is like the Riviera, but smaller.  And less sunny.  Oh, and not so French.  But it is wet and has a beachy bit and a rope swing, and it was on the said rope swing that all four maggots had a swing and a splash. Sir Scobi even had a go, which was fun, although the rope did stretch rather more for me than for the maggots, making my bum drag in the icy cold water and my flip-flops to drop off in to the river.  Needless to say that provided much merriment for the maggots, and a rather scrambled dismount and ungainly wade to retrieve the said flops.
This week is one spent mostly in London.  The needs of the account are becoming more stringent and on site presence seems to be slowly being mandated via a number of frankly pointless escalations.  I hope that things will settle down after the July deadline, but if not then I may need to hang in there until October/November and then look for something else.

The demands of Starfleet are many and varied, and the joy of working may be slowly ebbing away.  Those with a long-service medal say that things ain't like they used to be, and even though my medal is a few years away, I think that maybe I am beginning to agree with them.

On that cheery note, have a good week, and speak tomorrow.

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