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Friday, 31 December 2010

Mid-term report

So we find ourselves at New Year's Eve, and I do wonder where the time went.  But then I remember that we had the outlaws over for Christmas, illness in the ranks, a visit to the theatre to see a pantomine (Aladdin, more of a song-and-dance show than an oh-no-you-didn't, with Lilly Savage, who held the show together), and to the cinema to see a film (latest Narnia pic, in 3D, and it was least good of the three, and I am starting to see Mark Kermode's point on 3D, coz it was just a film where now and then the 3D sort of looked good, but the price to pay was at other times it looked a bit odd.  And don't get me started on the Michael Cain glasses).  We also fitted in a visit up North to see Brad and Angelina, along with our other friends whose pseudonym I always forget, so let's call them David and Samantha.  Lovely evening, and I even stayed awake until nearly midnight.

New Year I have just been told that we are in fact going out tonight after all, to David and Samantha's, which is nice.  To be honest, this period is for me a couple of set pieces that do not quite live up to expectations, with a lot of lovely relaxed time in between, so I am setting my sights low, not because of any expectations of inadequacy, but more so that it is better than I expected, which is always the best way to be.

We are very much looking forward to 2011, which already has some good things to which we can look forward.  By Easter we should have our extension completed, for which we can barely wait.  We are visiting Taff and being visited by Bass-boy and Teacher, and after Easter we are off to Center Parcs with Brad and Angelina, where me and Maggot 1 hope to try out our little fishing kits, Christmas presents from GG.  We are also going to Glastonbury with Brad and Angelina in June.  Much discussion about what we are wearing, and how we will cope with what will be, frankly, hardships around basic living to which we don't generally expose ourselves.  I am very much looking forward to it, and can only hope that the weather does us a favour, and it only rains up North somewhere (I hear Manchester likes a lot of rain).

As for New Year's Resolutions, this year I have vowed not to have any, but rather remind myself of the Big Rules of Life, one's which I should live at any time of the year.  More on these another time.

Have a good New Year's Eve, and see you next year.

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