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Thursday, 2 December 2010

There's snow business...

If you could have seen some of the puns I rejected, you would have been a lot kinder to that title.

Anyhow, today's subject is snow.  It is occupying an awful lot of airtime and ground time, and certainly in my bit of the world, the sunny South, it is currently laying at least fifteen centimetres deep, which is six inches in old money.  The whole landscape has been bathed in a very thick duvet of snow, and it produces both a visual spectacle and an audio deadening, which makes it feel a very serene and peaceful environment.  From the warmth of my kitchen window.

As maggot 2 found out after only ten minutes of play before school, it is really very wet and very cold and not so nice when it gets down inside your wellies.  Some lessons need to be learnt the hard way, and we were half way to school before his gloves were, once again, caked in an inch of icy compacted snow.  Oh well, at least the school was warm, and open.

Talking of schools being opened, we had a bit of a thing during last year's snow.  Our school closed, along with all the other local schools, on day two or three of the snow.  One of our friends happens to work at the hospital, and happens to work with the wife of the Chief Exec of the council, and happened to mention the issue of school's closing. i.e. that that Health and Safety fears tend to panic schools in to closing, meanwhile all the working parents continue to get to their work, and therefore are suddenly presented with a childcare issue.  This was relayed back to the Chief Exec and it triggered a temporary change of policy, followed by discussions on the strategic approach.  No idea how far it went, but our school is open, so far.

So I find myself working at home unplanned for a second day.  I have to say it improves the commute, but it does rather cut one off from ones colleagues.  Sure we have all the tools to remain connected, but it is not the same as being in the same building as the team.  It is probably one of the few downsides of mobile working; while the rest of the country gives up trying to get to work, and stays at home watching Jeremy Kyle, us mobile workers are sitting at our laptops doing a day's work on the end of a wire as if nothing had happened.

I hope your day goes well, and you stay at home rather than attempting to get anywhere other than the kettle for another cup of tea.  I know how you like your tea.


a bad man said...

We have an inch at best here in the SW Midlands. The kids are very disappointed.

Golfy said...

If it's a competition you're after... we have practically none at all. If fact I'm starting to think there isn't any and you lot are all just looking for a way of not doing any work again.... ;-)