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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Holidays, are they worth it?

They definitely are, but in a couple of very dark hours this week I have paused a moment to consider that very question.

Work is hard.  This seems to be becoming the norm, and from anecdotal comments from friends, I think it may well be the same all over the corporate world. 

So, the question is, what to do?  What I do is spice up life by having some building work at home.  Now, on the "percentage complete" scale, things are still moving towards 100%, but the trouble is that going from 89% to 91% doesn't really register, and so we are beginning to get the feeling that things will just never end.  I think, and hope. that last night was my lowest of low points, and today I am feeling slightly more chipper, and with my dad doing some more painting today, and the doors arriving, I am ready for the next challenge.  This is likely to be getting Maggot 2's room prepared for the first coat of paint tomorrow.  I am likely then to be finishing it on Saturday morning.

We have a free window this weekend, which is exactly what we need, and I plan to do some DIY, but also spend some time with my family.

Until tomorrow....

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