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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Time takes a cigarette, puts it in your mouth...

Some of you, those of a certain age, and of a certain musical persuasion, may recognise the line from Rock 'n Roll Suicide by David Bowie.

Never tried this embedding thing before, so here goes:

I am neither considering taking up smoking, nor committing suicide, but it is a line about time that I can recall, perhaps the only line.  I do remember Bruce Quarterman from Uni (not even half a man - oh how we laughed) who oft quoted "time is an abstract concept", which works fine when you are a student, not so much if you are a watch repairer.  Or are trying to catch a train.  So best put to one side his advice then.

This week motors on, work continues on the house (plumbing and plastering today, electrics tomorrow, floor levelling Thursday/Friday) and work remains unfeasibly and unsustainably busy, but then that is the modern world.

How I long for a flagon of ale and perhaps a goat or two to herd.  Not so keen on the Black Death and falling down sickness.

Enough of this, better go do some more conference calls.

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a bad man said...

Not so sure about the validity of "time being an abstract concept" am rather sure that time is the heartbeat of the universe.