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Thursday, 22 December 2011

And . . . relax . . . . . . . . . . nearly

Well, it is Thursday 22nd December 2011 and while there are mathematically around one and a half working days still to go for me before I take a break - I have off the days between Xmas and New Year* - but in truth I am sensing from the wider world a bit of slowing down in readiness, and that does in truth resonate with the discussions going on inside my own head**.

I do have a number of things to close down, so pls don't imagine me taking it too easy.

I finished icing the cake last night, and in the spirit of making use of what is at your disposal, I had to take what was originally going to be two cakes, and make one full-size one and use the other for bit parts.  These bit parts included a mini cake that looks like a present, and also a house on the main cake, complete with chimney, Santa going down the chimney, doors, windows and a winding path.  The rest got eaten there and then by way of destroying all evidence.

I have just had my daily cup of Scobi Latte, and decided to try a slice of Christmas cake with it, so helped myself to a large slice*** of the secondary "present" cake.  I can confirm it is a damn good cake.

Hopefully will find a moment in my busy schedule tomorrow to wish you all a Happy Christmas etc. etc.

Until then.

* Hurrah
** And I can tell you it is crowded in there:
*** Large in contract to the cake itself, which is small, so really just medium-sized.

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