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Monday, 5 December 2011

And . . . relax

After a weekend like we have just had, this is the mode for the day.

Well, what a fantastic time we had.  With no specific plans, Saturday was as follows:

  • 0830 - get up
  • 0835 - walk over to A&E's 'van to partake in the ritual of breakfast, which consists of:
    • cup of tea
    • chat
    • cup of tea
    • egg sandwich with lashings of Red and Black" and a ketchup with a smattering of salt
    • cup of tea
    • slice of home-made shortbread
    • chat
    • finally agree we should really do something, so go do the washing up from last night, which being a curry (home-made by A as always) was messy, but the sort of mess that, with the heads we had, could have made a pretty decent cold starter for the egg main course
  • 1145 - stroll down to the shop to get a long aerial cable
  • 1243 - start lunch - one cheese and pickle roll "to be going on with"
  • 1245 - in to local villiage, Fordingbridge, for the men, to find TV mounting screws, came back with bulbs for lava lamps and fine tales of a magnificent reclaim yard
  • 1345 - finish lunch
  • 1445 - down to pool for a swim
  • 1600 - return for tea and kip
  • 1720 - Santa's Grotto, mainly for the kids
  • 1800 - visit the Pizza in the Piazza (get it?)
  • 1930 - Bingo
  • 2100 - home for bed (youngest four) and Canasta, drinks and nibbles (eldest four)
I appreciate such detail opens a chap up to ridicule, however we started that on Friday and I doubt it can get much worse.

I also got an education this morning from Golfy:

  • I now understand the "Fenton" references on a recent comedy show
  • I love the "I want to jump off a bridge" "I found 4 bridges a little way from you" ditty
  • I had not realised quite how mighty I could be until I visited, although I do harbour a tiny suspicion that he says that to all the boys.

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