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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Just a quickie

Not much time today as I am in the office, on two screens, so broadcasting to the masses that I am writing a blog.

Looking forward to our weekend away at the big house, and last night found us starting to pack.  For the Maggots that includes working out which of their four thousand toys to take to the house (their grandmother is right, they really do have too much), and in which bag.  For the rest of us it was a matter of those peripheral items that are not essential, but do make the time away more pleasurable.

We also watched The Killing II, episode five or so I would guess, which is the second series of the original Danish drama that was replicated, to great success, but the US.  It is a sub-titled series which is actually rather pleasing, if you can give it your undivided attention.  You really get in to the plot due to being 100% focussed on reading the text, and therefore get very absorbed in the story.  The only issue is if you happen to have the odd Squirrel moment, when you suddenly realise an important snippit of plot has passed you by.  Oh, and falling asleep near the end didn't help plot understanding much either.

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