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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Is it Wednesday already?

At this time of year, Maggots and other small people tend to start "counting the days", which is not so much a euphemism* but an indication that Christmas is on the horizon.  There are three Advent Calendars to open, one Where's Santa** each and one shared which (a reusable Christmas tree with drawers affair), one day on, one day off, with Maggot 2.  Except for the final 4 days when there are double sweets in the drawers, which would mean one day on, one day on I guess.

The excitement is building, if only in the older members of the household who are very much looking forward to some time off with family, friends and our own body-weight in mince pies***.  The Maggots are already off the scale, and rising each day, which is kind of fun, if a little wearing at 6am.

* and if it were a euphemism, then I am struggling to invent what that might be.
** It is as you are guessing it is; Wally in a Santa outfit.  At least this pretend Santa wears the wrong hat so you know.
*** Anyone who has been reading my blog since last Christmas will know that I do have a soft spot for mince pies, and that spot tends to get softer, and larger, the more I eat.

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