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Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A nervy but ultimately successful final game seems England top their group, guaranteeing us a place in the World Cup next year.  It was my birthday yesterday, and in lieu of any other presents, it being agreed (happily by me also) that I would not be having any particular day due to the extensive event schedule for LO's major event party, this was not a bad way to spend an evening.  We are not, so the commentator told me, seeded, which means that things will be tougher or something, but regardless of any nay-sayers, I am happy, and it must surely be nothing more than a mere formality before we are lifting the cup.

We are at Wednesday, and the party to-do list is getting there.  Snooker table and football table in the shed.  Check.  Clothes rail down from the loft.  Check.  Decs and lights up.  Check.  Just awaiting the arrival home of LO so we can go together through any other activities that must be completed this evening.  Then it will be last night's curry remains for tea.  Lovely.

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