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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Ooh ooh ooh

Oooh, I have a new machine.  Actually spent since 5pm last night getting it up to Scobi standards, which are very exacting standards, I have to say.

It is good to have a machine stacked with memory, for once, and also one that is shiny and new.  Actually, it is matt and new, but let's not split infinitives.

I have all my data over, I think, and have just about installed all the apps I really need (rather than a whole heap of junk that one time or another I thought might be useful).  I have even tweaked all the little tweaky bits that make my machine just that little bit different from everyone else's, in a good way of course.

The only bit that is not right is my login name.  I created the same one as last time, which I thought was standard, but while it is a Administrator, it is not THE administrator, so things keep defaulting to the "elevated Administrator" user - a couple of apps used the My Documents under that user as their default for example.  I need an expert, and luckily I know a few of those.


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