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Thursday, 24 October 2013


I am so very tired.  I think it is my age, and I should probably desist from doing stupid things like the party on Saturday.  It was fun, but knackering. 

We have actually been to bed each night since at 9pm, just coz we are so very very tired.  And perhaps a bit down after the business and fun of the build up to the party, and the party itself of course.

We are away for 5 days from Saturday, in the 'van, to London, for Half Term.  We had planned a number of days out, but I will be gently, but firmly, campaigning for less days out and more days in, so that we can chill and recover.

Maggot 2 has a disco tonight.  As a year 3, he can choose to go to the early Year 2/3 disco, of later to the Year 3/4 disco.  It appears that he prefers the older woman, because he is going with to the later one, mostly because tonight is the night that he asks out Abby, apparently.  He explained to me this morning that his friends had said to her friends that he fancied her, or something similar, and in his eyes they are all but married.  I suggested that perhaps he should wait until he has spoken directly to her, and she has agreed, before he jump to too many conclusions, however the recklessness of youth prevails, and he is now saving for the dowry (I may have neglected to tell him that bit, and the way he is with his money, that may change the complexion of things).

Maggot 1 is away at a school trip to the Isle of Wight, lasting three days and two nights, and covering lots of activities.  It is a Year 7 bonding session really, and one that, based on previous years, is pretty successful.  I hope he comes back happy, and not too tired. 

I would like to stay and chat, but my bed beckons.  Oh, forgot to say, LO had a dual-zone, super fluffy electric blanket for her birthday from her folks.  She is loving it for her side, making a not that warm bed stupidly warm.  I plan to wait until it is much colder before I consider having mine on, though I do think that come the cold months, having my feet get in to a warm bed might be very nice, me suffering from cold feet (but a warm heart) regularly.

Until tomorrow.

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