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Friday, 8 November 2013

Bad Man

Had a good chat with Bad Man earlier today.  Nice to hear how he is getting on on the outside, and good to hear that there is life, even acceptable corporate life, outside Starfleet.  Sounds like he made the right decision for him, and a chap could not ask for any more than that.

On a totally different subject*, I had trouble sleeping early today, so was up at 5am and decided to watch the Imagine episode on Jimmy Hendrix on iPlayer.  It was a good show and I thoroughly enjoyed it, both for the insight in to his personal life - normal early years, spell in the military, basically a shy and decent guy - and also the music.  While I cannot say I am a massive fan, I am a guitar player and I am happy to marvel at what he plays, but just as much I marvelled at how new he really was when he emerged; a black man playing a fusion of blues, rock and psychedelia.  My favourite bit was his description of playing Monterrey (I think) when he said, "You know, we just kind of turned up, me and a couple of white cats, and we just played and so forth".  Actually, I added the "... and so forth" bit to that particular quote, but it was one of his speaking mannerisms and I found it amusing and also quite charming.

Pretty cool show, I would recommend it to everyone.

* Bad Man really does not look anything like Jimmy Hendrix

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