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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Two things of note

I have two things of note to mention today. 

The first is that I actually went in the office today.  I took advantage of LO attending Horsham to cadge a lift, and then took the train home again.  I went with one crutch just in case, and it was useful to help me walk without full weight on my bad knee, and overall the exercise probably did me good, though it is sore tonight.  It was interesting to be treated as an invalid; at reception, they had to ask whether I would need help in the event of a fire - no, I replied - and people kept opening doors for me.  I have to be there again tomorrow for another 6 hour meeting, and can barely contain my enthusiasm.

The other bit of news is we have taken the plunge on a month's free trial of Netflix.  The kids love it, and LO and I intend to watch a film tonight.  It does have the latest titles, as we all probably know, but we will soon find out whether having access to year old films is of any use.

Finally, we have made a purchase of a Sonos, a Play:1 to be precise.  It comes with a free bridge, so for a relatively modest outlay we have dipped our toe in to the Sonos water, and find it very much to our liking.  Every iPhone and Android device now has the Sonos controller, and we are able to access Spotify, any local music library made available to the network (though we don't bother with that now we have Spotify, the world's largest music NAS) and around 100,000 internet radio stations.  It can also stream anything on our Android or iPhone devices to the speaker, so Podcasts and local music, which is ace.
The speaker itself it modest sized, but very heavy and delivers a pretty good balanced sound.  The setup of the appliance and bridge was a doddle, and we now have a Sonos network, so every device we add (and in time we will be adding them) will join the mesh network to provide either independent or coordinated music playback.

It is an utterly stupendous bit of technology that does all we want and more, seamlessly and faultlessly (so far) and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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