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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Knee operation

I had my knee operation on Monday.  All went well, apparently, coz I did not know much about it.  I did have a quick unwanted memory, as I lay in the ante chamber being prepared for surgery, of a Bad Man experience where he was conscious during an operation, but managed to meditate that out my head pronto since it was most unwanted.

At home now.  Yesterday, I was convinced I would be tap dancing by the weekend (something I have, strangely, not so far tried in my life), however today the pain is kicking in and I am glad that I planned to have the whole week off work, coz while it seems like I am normal, this blog will be about it before a kip and a big drink of water, before doing one of my four times a day exercises, and applying an ice pack twice a day.  i.e. rest really is the best thing, since it will speed my recovery, so that is what I plan to have. 

The radio is on, and The Today programme is soothing me to sleep as we speak and a bowl of porridge is awaiting to send me on my way.

Enjoy your day, I know I shall.

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