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Monday, 4 November 2013

Time, it is an abstract concept you know

I missed Friday's post.  I know because I got literally hundreds of letters on the subject*.  The main reason was a funny bug in my browser where the keyboard did not work.  I know, this sounds like one of those "my dog ate my homework" type of problems, but actually it was true.  A reboot seems to have fixed it, but I did not do that until Monday morning, so here I am, blogging later than I should, and wondering what I should write.

The weekend was great.  We were at David and Samantha's for the evening, which was wonderful as always, and for the rest of the weekend, we were at home, except when we were out doing things to enable us to be at home.

We had a great week off.  The weather was very wet at times, and Monday night very windy, but overall it was fine and we had a good couple of days in London, visiting the Imperial War Museum, going up the Shard, and seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Drury Lane.  All were, without exception, excellent.  We also had two fine pizzas on the two nights (not really our first choice, however with the combination of food likes and allergies, we tend to end up in pizza establishments by default as the lowest common denominator for all the interested parties), but succumbed to two large Peroni's each, which wiped us out for both nights.  By the time we had tubed, trained and taxied back to base camp, our only thoughts were of an early night.

That is not to say that for the first three days there were some fine cards played.  The first round to ten thousand had the girls win handsomely, not a frequent occurrence, but one that was well discussed, by half the adult members at least.  The second round was a nail-biter, which me picking up the pack near the end when maybe I should have gone out, but the boys pipped the girls at the post, and a fine victory was celebrated, and discussed, at great length.

Now back at work, feeling a bit overwhelmed as I always do after time off, a combination of a mountain of email, in which are always a handful of actions, and also the general winding down a chap does with time off which equips him not at all for the fast pace of modern corporate life.  It is just a matter of Lugeing it.

Have a good week.

* Hmmmm, really?

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