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Friday, 21 February 2014

And . . . relax

We had a good, if short, break.  The shortness was due to a slight cock-up on the catering front, or to be precise, the theatre ticket purchase front.

We had planned our time off around a theatre visit on Wednesday afternoon.  When we checked the tickets once we were setup, we noticed they were for Friday.  Doh! 

As a consequence, we rearranged our trip, cut it short, and I am now taking my half day this afternoon.

We are off the see War Horse, something that Bad Man recommended to me some four years ago, but then he always was ahead of the curve.  Or maybe I am just behind it.  The only slight concern is how Maggot 2 will take it.  Rather surprisingly, with all the PS4 and YouTube distractions, both the Maggots love the theatre, however this show is fairly sad, and things do tend to play on Maggot 2's mind.  Time will tell.  We are giving them both their clothing allowance to go shopping after, so maybe a bit of retail therapy will heal all the wounds, and save us from nightmares tonight.

Tomorrow we are mostly out and about, with the Maggots at a sleepover at the in-laws and us at an adults weekend at David and Samantha's, with Brad and Angelina also attending, which will be nice, and a bunch of other hangers-on and ne'er-do-wells also.

Have a great weekend, speak next week.

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