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Monday, 2 February 2015

Breaking the fast

As you know, I have been attempting a dry January.  In the round and on the whole, I succeeded.  I decided to end my fast on Friday evening, to break me in for Saturday evening*, when D&S were coming over. 

I thought you might like to know how it went.

Well, it went well.  I enjoyed the beer, LO enjoyed her fizz just a little bit more than me, which meant on Saturday morning she was enjoying life just a little bit less than me, resorting to four lots of tablets, and this for a filly who prefers not to take tablets at all where possible.

Saturday night, I overdid it a bit, and LO was cautious, meaning that Sunday morning arrived rather quickly, but not too painfully.  We went off to Ikea for breakfast and a mooch, and while we did not get the items we were really after**, we did get some bits and had a good few hours getting our fix of retail therapy.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for the week, eating, drinking and watching a bit of mindless television.

* a chap can justify anything if he tries hard enough
** a side table and a light for the library

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