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Friday, 27 February 2015

And . . . relax

Another week over.  Another week where my contribution alone has ensured that the world remains spinning on its axis*.

Home has been a difficult week.  Maggot 1 has been home all week ill.  Again.  This is a more severe version of what I have had.  We may well have caught something from A&E's Maggots whilst away.  Wherever it came from, its presence in Scobi Towers was most unwelcome.  This has meant a bending of schedules.  In many ways, we should be grateful that we have schedules that can be bent, so we are really not complaining, but it does add to the levels of daily stress when our well-layed plans are de-rerailed.

This weekend, we have the usual clubs, for Maggot 2 at least, and for the evening we are having a meal out with David and Samantha, our Christmas presents to each other, bundled up in to a night out.  For chaps and chapesses such as us, who have everything**, a night out is the best present we can give and receive. 

We will also be looking to get out and about, either swimming or a country walk, or really anything that does not require a screen, for some family bonding and general expending of energy.

I may also be wanting some "personal time", an unusual concept in Scobi Towers, but a chap can try.  My new Kindle is my new best friend, well maybe second or third, and a bit of time in the library, reading my latest (free) book will be most welcome.

Talking of the library, I thought I would publish a couple of pictures of our Ercol chairs that I refurbished.  I suspect some may find the upholstery a little "modern", taste being a very personal thing, but I have to say that we in Scobi Towers absolutely love them.

I hope you have a fantastic weekend.  Speak next week.

* This would pass for humour in these parts
** From our perspective, a case of truth not standing in the way of a good story, though if you were to speak to my mother, then this would be seen as the absolute truth

1 comment:

a bad man said...

Hi Scobi,
Love the chairs. The fabric is very retro chic. I can see why you went for it.
All the best