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Monday, 20 June 2016

EU or not EU?

I was at Brad's birthday party on Saturday and Sunday, and during the evening, an impish person (might have been me, who's asking?) said "EU" and stood back to watch the fireworks.

It was, not surprisingly, a hotly debated topic.  Most people had entrenched to what I would have guessed to be their decision.  The only person whose stance was not as I guessed it, someone whose view I would also consider fully, was Brad.  He was Brexit, when I thought he would ultimately choose Remain.  His argument is sound, or as sound as anyone's argument can be when based on all that has gone on over the last few months, on both sides, so I was comfortable that it was a rounded, well-considered view*.

It was therefore a great surprise when he sent me this link, saying he had changed his mind.  It must indeed be powerful stuff, and I am listening to it now as I type this.

Since I know some reading this are also considering the arguments, I wanted to offer it up for your consideration, at least if you have any more capacity, energy or enthusiasm for doing so.

* and without wanting to be accused of taking pot-shots at the defenceless, I would judge it to be infinitely better considered than those who read The Daily Mail or The Express.  What I struggle with is the idea that a story about "a legal immigrant who has managed to milk the benefits system" equates to a good reason to opt for Brexit.

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