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Friday, 17 June 2016

Two one

Not my degree, but rather the score of England vs Wales.  It was a nervy affair, and while we have been undone by freak goals before, more than once, overall I think we were dominant, and certainly from an English perspective, were good for the win.  Our performance was not perfect - hoping Kane and Sterling find an extra gear for next game - but it was encouraging.  I note that previous tournament winners have often started modestly, and have grown in to the tournament as the competition progresses, so hoping England can follow that path.

Monday evening will be a much more comfortable event now we have four points on the board; we just need to maintain our energy and performance to see us over the line to the knockout stages.

On other news, we had a great weekend away in Riverside Lakes.  It was as we remembered it, only more so.  I caught a six-pound hybrid carp and lost a three to four-pound bream, and in between Brad and I indulged in a little bit of tiddler bashing, going shallow with maggot after little greedy perch, which was fun.

We also had an afternoon of camp Olympics, including a three-legged race (which we would havfe won had Maggot 1 not sabotaged us) and other activities.  Brad and Angelina also brought their giant bubble maker (two sticks with some string) and their "patented recipe" for bubble mix, with which we produced some amazing bubbles, as you can see below.

Work is going well.  I had a contact from three ex-colleagues at Starfleet in the week.  Two were affected by a TUPE situation where they may well end up working in the same company as me, so were after advice on my thoughts and experiences.  The other was my padawan at Starfleet who has now definitely grown up, flown the nest and doing great things.  He is interested potentially in a move to nn, so I have facilitated a contact for him.  Fingers crossed he gets what he is looking for.

This weekend we are at Brad and Angelina's for Brad's birthday celebration.  There are a host of attendees, some sleeping over at B&A's house, some choosing a local hotel.  Unfortunately we will have to leave early for a Maggot 1 cricket match, so will miss the extended breakfast planned.  It will be a fun weekend and we are very much looking forward to it.

There is no football for Maggot 2, he having to make a big decision in dropping out of the tournament planned for Saturday because there were too many boys wanting to play, and we can only take eight.  This means he will play in the last two tournaments for sure, with others likely having to drop out from those to keep numbers down.  It was not easy for him, but in the end the decision was made easier because his mate had also volunteered to drop out, so knowing it was not "just him" made the decision a simpler one.

I hope you have a great weekend, and speak next week.

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