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Saturday, 25 June 2016

Who hid the blog?

I had a rare day in the office yesterday, getting all officialled up for the piece of work I am doing that will probably run until my holiday and beyond.  It is interesting, I think, and will be a good distraction from all the football.

Brad is at Glastonbury with his own Maggot 1, and I am getting daily updates from him on text or Whatsapp.  His journey down started Wednesday afternoon, and he got in to the ground at 6am Thursday morning.  His campervan was diverted to a local show ground to clear them off the congested entrance, but they were woken at around 4am to be told that now was the time to get in, and a good thing coz within 2 hours the entry was closed again due to another batch of congestion.

He has got a bit wet, but with a van to retire to for chilli and dry clothes, he is doing good and having a fantastic time.  Were it not for the mud, the rain, and the requirement to stay away after 10pm, I think I would rather fancy it myself.

We have a clear weekend, with only sport on the horizon.  Cricket match last night, which we lost dramatically, football training today and a match tomorrow.  Otherwise, I need to crack on with some DIY bits, mow the lawn, and get an afternoon kip.

Maggot 2 has been getting headaches, indeed he had 2 days off this week, so we took him off to the doctor again, and this time he has been referred to a consultant, which happens in 3 weeks, so that is good.  We are keeping a headache diary in case, and hopefully we might be taking the first tentative steps to getting some kind of diagnosis, if indeed there is anything other than "he gets headaches sometimes" to diagnose.  The doctor seemed to rule out migraine, brain tumor and diabetes, so let's see what the consultant says.

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