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Tuesday, 7 June 2016


A word with several meanings.  The meaning of mine are NNN's half year (aka H1) results broadcast.  They are good.  As with all these, there is a bit of "good here, could do better there" about it, but definitely upbeat and a promising start for the new organisation.

We also had a result at the weekend for Maggot 2, whose 6-a-side team won the Under 10 Felpham cup.  We even played Felpham in the final.  It was a well-fought victory, and while there were moments where we were lucky, and moments where the other team was lucky, we did make some of our own luck, and the ball seemed to mostly bounce in our favour.  A great victory, and hopefully we can extend that, now we have the winning feeling, to the remaining three tournaments.

Of these three, Maggot 2 has had to volunteer to drop out of the first, since we can only take eight boys, and nine put their names forward.  This took much discussion with Maggot 2, to which I could easily relate, mostly revolving around the idea of "why do I have to miss it, when everyone else will be playing, all my friends".  This was interrupted by a text from our coach saying that T had volunteered to drop out of the first, which is our own tournament.  Immediately, Maggot 2's decision changed and HE wanted to dip out of that same tournament, mostly I think because he could see that if T can do it, then so can he.  A quick call to the manager hopefully sorted it.

This does make life easier in that we are due to Brad's birthday celebrations on that day, so do not now need to arrive late.  We will have a match Sunday, but that is easier to manage.

Otherwise, I am really getting back in to this working thing, getting some deals moving, and generally trying to generate my own workload.  I know, I am one-hundred percent sure, that it will get busy, sometimes very busy, but right now it feels a bit strange that I am not daily chasing forty open deals.

We are away this weekend, with Brad and Angelina, and associated Maggots, at our favourite campsite, Riverside Lakes.  Having just checked that link, I have to say it does look a bit hippyish, but what it really is is a very relaxed site, with restricted pitches so it never feels anything near to busy, that allows open fires, has masses of land, water, grass and woods for the Maggots to explore, plus a couple of fishing lakes, for Brad and yours truly.  I have had to read up on bream tactics, since that seems to be the fish I catch most there.  The lake does have carp and silver fish also, however about five years ago the stocks were somewhat decimated by otters.  It has recovered a bit, but it is fair to say that it is not a bountiful fishing experience, but it is there, it is free, and it is good enough.  Hopefully we can get a bit in on the first night, and my natural early waking means I will also get a few hours done first thing, before the rest of the clan are awake.  I cannot wait.

Also, this will be the first outing, with us at least, for Brad and Angelina's new (to them) campervan.  They have been threatening to buy one for a couple of years, but what they want is not so easy to find.  As Brad explained, there are broadly two types of seller conversations; the first ends with the line "...if you can meet me at the services on the M4 with the cash...", and the other start with the line "sorry, it is already sold."

The one they finally found really was fate.  Brad arrived early at the dealership, gave his requirements, to which the salesman said "you are standing right next to it, and I must tell you that I have sold this van twice already."  The original buyers had the same surname as Brad - fate writ large - who had it for many happy years before part-exchanging it with the same dealer for a newer model.  The next couple bought it and sold it back again within a couple of years, since they did not get on with it.  And then Brad appeared, stage left, camera tracking his walk towards the van, to buy it.  We are all very excited here to see their new purchase, and I am sure they are even more excited to use it in anger for the first time, at our most favourite site.

It may be this is my weekly blog, so have a great weekend when it comes, and speak next week.

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