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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Nearly there

My working world has come to a natural pause, so I am fairly relaxed as I get through my last working day.  That is also why I am double-blogging.

We are in pretty good shape.  The whole family have had a haircut, and we have layed out all our clothes.  Note "layed out" rather than packed.  We seem to be unusual in that our preference is not to pack, but to lay out.  Then we pile it into the suitcases at the last minute; for us that is tonight.

The reason we do this is to avoid the "did I pack the blue shorts?" problems.  By laying out everything, and piling them in to the cases last minute, we avoid that, and can use our packing list* to check we have everything.

It works for us.

Maggot 1, father-in-law (F-i-L) and I went to watch Pompey play Bognor Rocks last night.  This is a warm up match for Pompey, and a very good earner for The Rocks.  Pompey won 4-1. It was a great evening of football.  We were ten metres from the manager, Paul Cook, and could hear every word he said.  And boy did he say a lot.  F-i-L says that he is always like that, he being a season-ticket holder so sees a lot of games.  It was fascinating listening to his fairly constant narration.  One amusing moment was when one of the strikers did not close down a defender**, rather lazily leaving it for the other striker.  Immediately afterwards Paul Cook was shouting "work harder, close him down" several times, in several different ways.  The player did not make that mistake again.

The family is getting excited now, and I am also starting to believe that tomorrow will actually arrive.

One more day, and I can wear my new hat.

And my speedos***.

Come on.

* Oh yes, we have a list
** It seems to be part of his team instructions that the front men aggressively close down defenders and keeper
*** Only joking, I could not inflict that on the world, my family or my friends

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The Gorse Fox said...

*** The trouble is that you have now placed an image in my mind that will haunt me for weeks.