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Friday, 22 July 2016

Six days and eighteen hours to go

It is starting to feel real now.  The Maggots are both finished, and LO has an INSET day today, so may be home at a reasonable time.  Maggot 1 has actually gone to the beach and won't be home until after 8pm, but once he is home, then I can really start to believe that we are nearly there.  The rest of the family will have finished, we have the usual football commitments at the weekend, are at David and Samantha's in the evening to do the final holiday logistics, and then we are in to my last four days at work, which are punctuated with a haircut on Monday, going to see Pompey at The Rocks (Bognor Football club to the uninitiated) on Wednesday, final packing Thursday before finally being picked up by the taxi on Friday.

LO and I have just returned from the Leavers' Assembly at Maggot 2's junior school.  He has another year to go, so it was not his leaving that we witnessing.  It started with a rather cryptic call last night from Maggot 2's form teacher, saying that he had won a prize, and it would be good for us to attend if we could.  We both duly turned up at 1.30pm to sit on hard seats in a very hot hall, to watch the cups being presented to each year, before the Deputy Head and Head boy and girl (so four in total) were announced for next year, and I am delighted to say that Maggot 2 is Head Boy for next year.  Proud as punch and gob-smacked, the Sun headlines would no doubt read.  We are delighted and are just hoping that Maggot 2 does not try the wind up Maggot 1 too much.

Otherwise, not much to report.  Just keeping my head down to close off my work tidily before our holiday.

I hope you have a great weekend, speak when I can next blog, which may be whilst on holiday, or it may not, depending on how relaxed I get.

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