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Friday, 15 July 2016

Thirteen days to go

This is the second to last Friday at school for the Maggots, next week being their last this acedemic year.  Ditto for LO, though she has a couple of funding bids to complete, so may work the first day or two of the holiday.

For me, as the title suggests, it is thirteen days until our holiday, and until I finish.  That is not to say that it is the only thing on my mind; I still manage to think about sex about every seven seconds (I have the pride of the male species to maintain after all), but it is fair to say that there is a significant sub-terranian bubbling of excitement building in our clan, and also that of David and Samantha*.

This week I attended a funeral, the father of one of my college friends, and due to the location of the funeral, in North Wales, I spent most of Wednesday in the car on an epic ten hour round trip.  I was pleased to be able to attend** and it was a funeral that was sad, of course, but also a joy in celebrating a life well lived.  John was quite a character, spending the final phase of his life lecturing at a local college, befitting his lifetime desire to bring out the best of anyone he encountered.  Indeed, in his mid-sixties he got himself a degree (getting a First too).  My thoughts are with his family, particularly his wife who is now coming to terms with the loss of a life partner.

This weekend we have football and cricket, a football tournament for Maggot 2 and the final cricket match of the year for Maggot 1, both on Sunday.  LO and I will do a split shift and, depending on how Maggot 2's team does, they will come over to the tournament after the cricket is finished.

On Saturday, we have the pleasure of celebrating Gee Gee's birthday.  Gee Gee is LO's grandmother, and great-grandmother (GG) to the Maggots.  We are planning a brunch on Saturday morning, which will be nice.

Otherwise, we will be starting to plan our holiday arrangements.  I am pleased that stability is starting to return to the nation after the (still) unbelievable Brexit vote, which on a personal level means that the currency exchange rate for the Euro is improving, just in time for our holiday.  Who says politics has to be selfish, ha ha.  Otherwise, the arrangements are fairly well structured; we are going over to David and Samantha's next Saturday to go through all the arrangements, split out the tickets and details, ensure we have all the pre-requisites sorted.  I have a haircut on the Monday before I go (I don't like to have a white line round the cut) and hopefully am going to watch Pompey play the Bognor Rocks their ground on the Wednesday.  Then the excitement will really start to build.

I hope you have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* As pseudonyms go, this one is now rather outdated, and I need to consider if I should start referring to them as Theresa and Philip
** one of our group was unable to attend because he was appearing on Come Dine With Me.  As excuses go, that is not a bad one

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