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Friday, 8 July 2016

Three weeks (and definitely counting)

... to my holiday, in case you were wondering*.

Things are starting to line up nicely, including:

  • Having initially considered it unthinkable that Brexit would win, and then when it did win, feeling that surely, that terrible word surely, they might go down for a bit while all the nutters panicked, but once the realities sank in that nothing really has changed, they would rally.  What am I talking about?  The markets of course, and just now the Pound to Euro exchange rate specifically.  It seems to be rallying very slightly, so if I can just ignore the fact that the rate was considerably higher three months ago, then I think we are going to be OK
  • Gorse Fox has warned Urban-Cub to warm her hands, so any security checks at Gatwick will be nothing more than a pleasant, warm massage from a nice lady (hopefully).

Work is getting busier, which is good.

This weekend, we hope to do plenty of nothing.  LO is getting very tired, with the tell-tale sign of a sore throat warning her she needs to slow down a bit, and I have had to travel quite a lot in to the office so am also more tired than usual, and my usual amount of tiredness is more than most people, due to my sleep issues.

Talking of which, there was an interesting show on ITV last night (don't worry mum, I only went to the "other side" by accident) about sleep disorders, which said that sleep issues are becoming one of the biggest growing health risks, presumably, though not explicitly mentioned, behind dementia, cancer and obesity.  It gave me some hope that I am not a rare freak, but also made me think about maybe trying to do something about it.  Not quite sure what yet, but the idea is fermenting, and I will be sure to let you know what comes of that when it grows in to something tangible.

Maggot 2 has football training on Saturday, a sponsored bleep test actually, looking to raise money for a new training and match kit.  On Sunday we have a practice 9-a-side.  The team is shaping up nicely, playing well together and relishing the bigger pitch and the greater numbers.  I really think this format suits them as a team, and with a couple of promising new starters, they are shaping up to be quite a formidable team.

We had a good tournament last Saturday, up until the semi-finals when a ridiculous decision** robbed us of the game, but overall the tournament was fine.  The whole team played well, and Maggot 2 scored half a dozen goals or more, which has given him his confidence back, just in time for the season to start.

I hope you have a great weekend, and speak next week.

* and if you ARE wondering, where the hell have you been?

** We had been awarded a throw-in by the ref, but the other team took it instead, and scored from the throw, with the ref doing nothing about it.  In fairness to him, he had been reffing all afternoon, but nevertheless there is only so much laissez-faire you can take.  The parents of the coach were incensed, and invaded the pitch at the end to tell the ref quite how disgusting his decision-making had been.  The boys themselves were devastated, with a modest amount of wailing and gobbing off ensuing.  Most unsatisfactory way to be knocked out


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The Gorse Fox said...

We had two key payers missing last week and consequently lost all three matches in Monday's tournament. Not happy - though nobody got past the Gorse Fox. One of the attackers from Worthing Sharks admitted he hates being marked by the Gorse Fox; he may as well not turn up. The Gorse Fox is clearly doing his job.