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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

And Then it is Gone

It is a well-known phenomenon, and one that I am very used to, however it still catches my by surprise every time.

What am I talking about? The "time off" phenomenon. At the start of six days off, it feels like ages until you are back to work, and you keep telling yourself that it will all pass by very quickly, yet no amount of self-talk can prepare you for the suddenness with which Tuesday morning is upon you.

Oh well. So, here I am, Tuesday morning, feeling slightly shell-shocked that I am back to work, that I have a pretty full Inbox and that I am trying to remember all the bits that I need to do today. Luckily I write everything down because, a long time ago, I realised that I have a terrible memory. I have worked with people who keep their whole to do list in their heads, remember every fact ever uttered in a meeting and can recall them with pin-point accuracy whenever they can have the most devastating effect.

Me? I can barely remember what I had for breakfast. So I write it down. If it is not written down, it does not exist. Which is a variation on the old joke that "if it does not appear in Powerpoint, it does not exist" which is obviously a dig at our fine marketing colleagues. I think.


scobi said...


Stretch Armstrong said...

at last I can leave a comment. For too long I have been unable to respond to your ramblings, but now I have that ability!

Although now I can't remember what I was going to write. Oh well it will have to wait.

scobi said...

Hi Stretch, yes, have had a funny about this and just sorted it, sort of, by changing to a pop up screen!

Golfy said...

Bwahhh ha ha ha....