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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The wanderer returns

My 4 night trip away 'vannin' is at an end, and I have been jolted back to reality by spending the first day on my new assignment yesterday in London. This is an early visit as I close down or hand back all the loose threads from my old assignment, so I am not back up in town again until next week.

The day went well and I think there is value I can add to things, so I am excited by the "new opportunity". It is likely to mean nights away so that I can spend full days at the customer's offices, and that will take so juggling on the home front. However, it is an opportunity lasting weeks and months rather than months and years, and is something that I am interested in and excited by, so I am happy to make the sacrifices.

As I said at the start, the family spent a fantastic four nights away 'vannin', down in the New Forest. The weather was amazing, in fact we all got a bit sun-burnt, so there was no games of "Raindrop Racing", the world-famous game invented by an East End Cockney Gangster, apparently.

My in-laws are now staying in the van, and it sounds like they are having interesting times. I forgot that we came up from tents, so the white box seems like luxury (which I believe in law must be said with a Yorkshire accent), whereas they have come down from four star hotels, so it may seem like a little box. Certainly my mother-in-law was heard muttering several times about "claustrophobia", so time will tell what they thought about the experience.

We are going back down this coming weekend, to take over the 'vannin' baton from the outlaws, with a trip to Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang-the-stage-show on the Saturday, followed by a trip to Dorset the following weekend, so are really getting some use out of the thing at the moment.

Right, I have exercised my writing muscle, done my "750 Words", give or take 500, and got back in the saddle. More from me tomorrow.

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