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Thursday, 22 April 2010

As another day dawns....

... we find the world, and the many cogs and wheels contained thereon, has continued to turn, and with it the political news is continuing to churn. Did you see what I did there, that thing that is not quite rhyming poetry, but an ending that sounds the same. Clever that. No idea what it is called of course, so not that clever.


As was predicted, the dirt-diggers have been busy. On the day that we have our second "Leaders Debate"*, and I for one raised one eyebrow** when I saw the news:

- front page of The Telegraph says "Nick Clegg, the Lib Dem donors and payments into his private account"
- The Sun - Wobble Democrat
- Daily Mail (who else) - Clegg Nazi slur.

It does seem that success really does attract all sorts of ne'er do wells, reprobates and other undesirables, bringing with them their "interesting" views on the world.

I imagine that, sometime between now and the election, someone will go through Nick Clegg's bins. I can only guess the headlines for that:

- The Sun - Eggy Cleggy always ready (found an egg box and a box of Ready Brek)

- The Daily Mail - Clegg is a Nazi Spy (they found a shredded bank statement)

- The Independent - Nothing Interesting in Clegg Bin.

Oh well, it is all part of the game, and I must say that I am very much looking forward to seeing what happens this evening at the next leader debate (that's the way to do it, keep leader singular then no probs with apostrophe). Let's hope it is a good clean fight, and that we get a knockout.

Enjoy your day, spend your time wisely, and always be ready to be surprised by the little things, and rather saddened by the big things. Remember that you often cannot directly influence the big things, but you can the little, and the rules of the universe dictate that people who look after the little things do begin to have a surprising effect on the things they first thought were beyond their control.

* Now, I try to be a pedant about apostrophes, since they are evil little wotsits, and I pondered long and hard whether "Leaders" has an apostrophe. Is the debate owned by the leaders, or is it merely a debate in which the leaders will be a part. Feel free to leave a comment if you know. Or care. As always, the Scobi Wan Kenobi rules of engagement must be followed. Correct use of capitals. Spell all the words rights. There are two S's in tosser. You know the score.

** Bit of a Roger Moore fan, been practicing for years, taught Grommit everything he knows, which to be honest is not much.

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Golfy said...

Re: your apostrophe concerns. See: this blog entry